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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family New Brunswick (FMNB)?

FMNB allows your family physician to work as part of a team of family physicians and other health professionals to reduce waiting times and offer extended-hours service. You can see all the physicians in our group here.

Our goal is to ensure you have continued care when you need it. For example, if your physician is working in the hospital for the week, or out of the province for continued medical education, their colleagues can see some of their most urgent cases.  As part of the team, they have full access to your medical record, and your visit is also recorded for your family physician. (Most emergency departments and walk-in clinics do not have access to your medical history and often do not notify your health-care professional that you have been seen.)

What this means for you is better care. You can be seen faster, by a health-care professional with access to your medical history. Physicians are also supported to provide more thorough appointments, and they can save you time by communicating with you by phone or email instead of in person. Remember that physicians may choose not to use email, and not all medical issues can be managed by phone. You can learn more about our plan to offer you care by speaking with our office staff.

This sounds great! How do I sign up?

If you are already the patient of a physician in an FMNB clinic, all you need to do is sign the enrolment form that was mailed to you. Please read through it carefully.

If you are a patient of an FMNB physician and did not receive an enrolment form, contact us or print this form and bring it to us.

What is the enrolment form?

The enrolment form strengthens the relationship between you and your family physician. By signing, you agree that your physician is your primary-care provider, and that you will call them before considering going to the walk-in clinic.

Signing the enrolment form means that you have read the FMNB program information and that you want to participate in the program with your physician. It also involves a commitment from you that you will seek care from them first, before going to a walk-in clinic.

Still unsure? Here is a video with more information:

What happens if I don’t want to sign the enrollment form?

The choice is yours. Once you notify your clinic that you have chosen not to participate in the program, you will be able to receive care from your family physician for one year. After this, it is your responsibility to find a new health-care professional that is not part of FMNB.

To start the process of finding a new family physician, call 811 for Patient Connect NB, or visit their website.


Why do I have to call my physician before going to the walk-in clinic?

Data shows that patients receive better care when they see a physician with access to their medical history.

In the past, it may have been hard to contact your clinic, or they didn’t offer extended-hours service, and your first instinct was to head to the walk-in clinic or emergency department. Now, your family physician and a team of colleagues can serve you differently.

Click here for more information.

Do I need to call my family physician first if I have an emergency?

No. Go to the nearest emergency department or call 911.

Is the extended-hours clinic open to the public?

The extended-hour clinic is only accessible to our patients. If your family physician is part of our FMNB group, you have access to extended-hours service.  If your physician is not part of FMNB, you will need to seek care elsewhere.


When is the extended-hours clinic open?

The physician and location for this service may change often. To ensure you are going to the correct clinic, call your family physician. They can tell you which location is open for extended-hours and can help you set an appointment, or they will include the location in their voicemail message and website.

What if I need extended-hours care when the clinic is closed?

In this case, you have a few options:


If I’m traveling within the province and get sick, can I go to any FMNB clinic for care?

In this case, you have a few options:

  • Call your clinic or book an appointment online: You may decide to wait until you can be seen by your physician, or your physician may be able to speak with you by phone if you do not need to be seen in person.

  • Go to a local physician for care.

As always, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency department for emergencies.

What do I do if I am outside the province or country?

We recommend researching the local health-care system prior to visiting any other province or country so you will be familiar with the options available should you require health care while you are travelling.

For non-urgent care, you can also call your clinic or book an appointment online. You may decide to wait until you can be seen by your physician, or your physician may be able to speak with you by phone if you do not need to be seen in person.

What can I be seen for in the extended-hours clinic?

The extended-hours clinics are for quick appointments that could not be predicted. For example: sore throats, chest congestions, fevers, ear infections, etc.

These are not intended for regular check-ups and appointments.

For more information, click here.

Can I transfer between physicians in the group?

To ensure balanced caseloads for each physician, we cannot accommodate patient transfer requests.


I don’t have a family physician. Can FMNB help me find one?

Patient Connect NB is responsible for getting New Brunswickers access to a family physician. To get on the list, call 811 or visit their website.

I want a physician in your clinic. Where do I sign up?

We are currently not accepting new patients. Any new patients are added from the Patient Connect NB list. To get on the list, call 811 or visit their website.

Is my medical information safe?

Absolutely. We use the Provincial Electronic Medical Record to store your medical history. The security standards for this system are stricter than those for online banking.


I have a question that isn’t listed here.

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us.

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